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answers on the board. name something ms. nude america might wear during a tv interview. brian. >> a bikini. john: a bikini. they'll have to show a modicum of taste. a bikini. it's up there, but it's not number one. amy? >> her tiara -- a crown. john: her tiara, of course. her tiara. there you go. [cheers] john: number one. pass or play? >> play. we'll play. john: they're playing. they'll play, all right. brian, head back. [cheers] john: oh, i can just -- i can hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth. the sedrak family wanted this question. [laughter] john: the angst. it belongs to you. dianne, something that ms. nude america might wear during a tv interview. >> how about her sash? john: her sash. >> good answer. john: a delicately placed sash. there it is. [cheers] john: all right, debbie. ms. nude america appears in a tv interview. what might she be wearing? >> lingerie? john: lingerie? they want more specific. >> how about a thong? john: a thong. [cheers] >> oh! john: a thong. [cheers] >> whoo! john: i know. all right, you have no strikes. you got four more answers up there. >> how about
. i will tell you where to look coming up. >>> and where is the most obscene city in america. you maybe watching from there right now. distinction. l community earned the news edge. back in two.  >>> a dc neighborhood coming together tonight for a vigil all in the memory of this little boy. oscar tune tess died on saturday when someone shot through the door of his family's apartment. we have the latest on the search for the killer. >> reporter: police have closed down columbia road here tonight for this vigil. there are probably 100, probably a little more than that number of people that have gathered here in front of oscar's building. a few minutes ago, mayor fenty arrived on the scene with relatives of oscar fuentes. the candle light vigil has been going on for a half hour. dc mayor fenty telling the crowd that he wanted to say thank you for coming out to show your love for oscar. he said we are so worry. he says we will wrap our arms around this family and work around the clock to find the killers. dc police still don't have anyone in custody, brian, but they
surveyed 100 people, top four answers on the board. besides america, tell me a country that starts with the letter a. >> albania. john: jacob, albania. albania. not up there. all right, billy, any answer is better than that. >> argentina. john: argentina. is it up there? yes, it is. pass or play? >> we'll play. john: they're going to play. all right, head back. argentina. three answers left, ashley. three seconds. oh. audience: oh! john: all right, all right, right, right, right. that time clock can be cruel. one strike already, debbie. besides america, a country that starts with the letter a. >> asia. asia, no? >> no, that's ok! good answer! john: asia. no. no, no. audience: oh! john: that is a continent. all right, two strikes now, kelly. besides america, tell me a country that starts with the letter a. three seconds. oh, i'm sorry. three strikes. we're coming over here. the michie family -- >> yes! john: has a chance to steal and send it into "sudden death." >> afghanistan, afghanistan. >> amsterdam. australia. john: all right. >> come on! john: all right, andy, you got three an
of the year, they come with the best coverage in america. you snooze you lose. hey! i'll take it! let the chevy red tag event begin. now during the chevy red tag event, get 0 percent apr for 72 months on most '09 models. see red and save green. now at your local chevy dealer. >>> listen up. expect delays on met troats' red line tonight. trains are trying to get on schedule after a fight on at the chinatown stop. police say two guy were it this fighting and one pushed the other in to a stopped train. the victim was taken to the hospital with back and neck injuries. >>> another metro crash over the weekend. the cost of this one $9 million at least. luckily it didn't cost any lives. three employees were hurt. it happened on sunday morning. beth parker is live with th news edge. beth? it. >> it happened again the latest metro crash was far less serious than the one that killed nine people in june. however, it is not stopping people from making comparisons. this happened o sunday morning. the last train of the night was rolling in to the west falls church rail yard. for some reason, the tr
. in america, anything is possible 18 immigrant families working in hotel lawn dress, restaurants and blue collar jobs come together to secure a loan for $1.8 million purchasing the apartment building. >> we all of us here, we fight on this property. >> reporter: it wasn't easy. far from it. it was touch and go up until closing. jose, the vice president of the co-op was getting anxious. >> what is happening? >> reporter: days went by, e- mails exchanged. then the word, the building is yours. >> i was there signing the papers. a ton of papers. >> reporter: the 18 families that purchased the building said they came together for one reason. they were tired ofpushing so many low income families out of the neighborhood. buying it is one challenge. renovating is it another. >> there is a need for a new roof, new electrical system, plumbing system and to do some rehab insight the apartments to have new kitchens and bathrooms. >> reporter: a job estimated to cost around $2 million. a project that will require every telephone move out six months, inconvenience for sure but so necessary. >> right no
parkway. riding on the parkway is even a violation of federal law. >> putting america to work. >> reporter: mayor adrien fenty in northeast trying to draw attention to stimulus dollars at work improving the eastern avenue bridge. but the qstion centered around this wtop video that captured the mayor and his crew clogging traffic and appearing to run red lights. fenty promises to do better. >> i will do everything possible to not only make traffic flow better but to make sure that everyone is as safe as humanly possible. >> but those cycling excursion on the parkway are a violation of the code of federal violations. it's a $70 fine bus $25 in court costs. >> i didn't know that street prohibited bicycles until manage wtop brought it to my attention. i talked to a lot of bicycle riders. they didn't know. >> reporter: looks like he will have to scratch the parkway off the lies of where they train for races. there are multiuse trails like this one out near the airport. this could be one way to stop blocking traffic and avoid riding on restricted roadways. some bikers on the trail were surprised
test revealed the cars in america. which car makers didn't make that list. >>> and a heads up if you're in the foggy bottom area this evening. public enemy, flavor flave taking over the streets. the rappers paying a visit to the homeless children at 6:30 afterwards. listen to this and they're loading on to a plaid bed truck and performing. to the auditorium where they're playing a concert. quite an interest. we have a crew there and we'll have pictures at 10. this is a honda pilot. and this is the chevy traverse. it has more cargo space than pilot. and traverse beats honda on highway gas mileage too. more fuel efficient and 30% more room. maybe traverse can carry that stuff too. now during the chevy red tag event, get an '09 traverse with 0 percent apr for 72 months. see red and save green. now at your local chevy dealer. not the triple crown you that want to win, but the nation's capitol won the dubious distinct of holding the highest std rate. the cdc id when it comes toef isulous, gonorrhea and chlamydia, it posted a higher rate than all 50 states in terms of chlamydia and gonorrh
. >> this is the longest war america's been in. we're in unchartered territory. we need more mental health providers. the strain on the military is strong. if we don't get them the help they need, it's like a stress fracture. the more running you do, the worse the injury gets. >> there are reports that the army's criminal investigation division is not looking into blogs that the major posted, comparing suicide bombers to solars who throw themselves on grenades to save others. >>> our coverage does not stop here. we have an entire section on the website dedicated to this sto from the suspect and victims, more details about the woman who shot the gunman ending the rampage. >>> still ahead, a developing story. another attack. this is at an office building. a former worker goes on an orlando office shooting spree at his former workplace. >>> and a local woman trapped inside that burning car. >>> and the new law in effect to help americans struggle tofo on to find a job. >>> if you're heading out for a late-night on the town, expect temperatures into the 20s. all the areas have a freeze warning. the cold
healthy. as beth parker shows us tonight, in corporate america sick leave is a luxury. >> reporter: the doctor is in. at mercy health clinic in gaithersburg. the clinic serves uninsured and low-income residents. >> i'm just glad they are here. >> reporter: clinic administrator ryan clark says part of what will keep the place up and running over the winter, is this, a new policy that not only allows but requires that employees who have the flu stay home for seven consecutive days with pay. that's right. seven extra paid days off in addition to mercy's usual 120 hours of paid sick and vacation time. >> it really does show dedication to the health of our staff, health of our patients and the functionality of our clinic. >> reporter: this new policy applies to both full time and part time employe. if you have flu-like symptoms you have to take all seven days off. clark says without the policy she worried employees would feel pressure to come to work especially near the beginning or end of an illness. >> you're contagious before and after the periods where you feel worse. >> reporter: a
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9